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With some 18, 000 islands to her name, visitors to Indonesia are spoilt for choice when it comes to a tropical getaway. Bintan being the largest island in Riau Archipelago is less than an hour away from Singapore by ferry.

Located on the northwestern shores of Bintan, this stunning resort residences offer homeowners spectacular views overlooking the golf course and South China Sea plus a chance to indulge in a privileged tropical lifestyle within a secure resort environment.

Master Plan


Laguna Park Bintan, latest addition to the upscale community shares an address with Laguna Bintan Golf Course, including upscale Banyan Tree, Angsana and the upcoming Cassia resorts, all nestled on a private peninsula surrounded by the sparkling waters of the South China Sea.

Site Plan




Laguna Park Townhomes are ideal for families , who appreciate the functionality of a spacious property with imaginative designs.

All homeowners have the option to reconfigure the top floor of their townhome to suit individual needs, so depending on lifestyle preferences, converting the roof pavillion to a multi-purpose room or a third bedroom are some distinct possibilities.

All townhomes come with a spacious garden where the inclusion of a private pool is optional.


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What type of ownership is available?

Ownership of the property is on a contractual leasehold basis.

If the land is leasehold, who holds the freehold ownership and what are the main terms of the lease?

The Indonesian Government holds the freehold title. The head lease tenure is up to 9 September 2072.

Is the leasehold property transferable?

Property leases may be transferred subject to the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. Generally, the lessor must consent and a small assignment fee is payable. In addition, the assignee must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in the original lease agreement.

Should I appoint a lawyer to review the agreements?

Our agreements have been used for a number of years and have been reviewed by major international law firms. We have our own in-house legal team which will assist to clarify any questions you may have concerning the agreements. However, should you wish to obtain advice regarding your investment, we recommend you consult with a professional legal and/or financial adviser.

Is Value Added Tax (VAT) payable?

We understand the lease is not presently subject to VAT. However, should there be any VAT imposed this will be the responsibility of the lessee according to the contract.


What is the project site area and the number and the types of properties available?

The site area is approximately 72,000 sq.m. There are approximately total of 80 townhomes planned. Each townhome will be based on a 3 storey with 2 bedroom configurations. In addition, owners can choose to convert the roof pavilion to a mult-purpose room (eg 3rd bedroom or additional living area), at the roof terrace for an additional cost.

All townhomes come with spacious garden area where home owners can also add a private pool. The residents can enjoy views of the golf course and of the South China Sea for selected units.

How long will the construction take?

All construction works are subject to appropriate Government approvals. Generally, it will take approximately 18 months to complete the building and landscaping from the date of commencement of construction.

What are the furniture, fittings and appliances provided in the townhome?

The townhome comes with quality built-in kitchen cabinets and cooker hob, hood and oven, built-in wardrobes to the bedrooms and air-conditioning to bedrooms and living area.

At an additional cost, we can also fit out the property with a full furniture package to a similar standard as the show unit.

What is the size of the pool and is it included in the purchase price?

At an additional cost, a built-in swimming pool may be installed. The pool dimensions is approximately 38 sq.m. - 10 metres (L) by 3.8 metres (W) with a depth of 1.3 metres.

What is the warranty period offered?

A one year warranty is offered.


Is there a rental programme available and what are the potential returns?

Yes, Laguna Property will provide an optional rental service for individual owners but a hotel-type managed rental programme is currently not contemplated. A market-rate commission will be charged based upon the rental value and term of the rental agreement.

What are the taxes levied on the rental programme that an owner will be subject to?

Rental income is subject to non-resident (foreign) 20% withholding tax. Rental earned by Indonesian tax residents are subject to 10% withholding tax.

Note: applicable tax rates are current at the date of issue of this FAQ and may be subject to change.


What types of property management services are offered and what is the approximate cost?

In addition to common area property management by Laguna, optional property management services will be available to individual owners such as housekeeping, pool cleaning, gardening, routine and preventative maintenance, general repairs and pest control.


What privileges will I receive as an owner of a Laguna Park Bintan property?

Owners will receive a membership to the Laguna Bintan Golf Club as well as membership to the Banyan Tree group’s exclusive Sanctuary Club. Members of the Sanctuary Club receive generous discounts at hotel restaurants, spas and golf operated by the Banyan Tree group worldwide, priority wait-list on reservations, early check-in / late check-out (terms and conditions apply). Our dedicated owner services team is also available to assist with any reasonable request. Please refer to the Sanctuary Club FAQ for more information.


What utilities do I have to pay?

Meters are installed in each townhome and will be individually charged. The water and electricity is provided through the integrated resort at market rates.

What infrastructure facilities and services are provided?

Owners of Laguna Park can make use of many facilities at Laguna Bintan such as the restaurants at the hotels, their rejuvenating spas, recreation facilities, and the acclaimed Laguna Bintan Golf Course.

The infrastructure facilities and services that meet the same high standards of the hotels may include:

• Security – 24-hour security guards.
• Roads – private internal roads.
• Electricity & water – provided at market rate.
• Estate Management – a dedicated team which oversees the 24-hour security, garbage collection, gardening and landscaping, general cleaning and ongoing maintenance of common areas.

What are the estimated common area charges?

The common areas are managed on behalf of owners by our dedicated estate management team. The annual charges are determined based on actual costs incurred and then proportionately divided between the owners. In addition, a sinking a sinking fund is to be established for the development. The purpose of the sinking fund is to accumulate funds for major infrastructure repairs and/or improvements which may be undertaken in the future. Rather than charge a large upfront amount, contributions will be sought on a regular basis so that the fund is built up over time. The initial estimated common area fee, including sinking fund is SGD $400 to SGD$500 per month and will be reviewed after the 1st year.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, subject to rules and regulations.


What are the terms of payment?

For all new properties sold, we offer 2 options of payment plans. Payment terms are as follows:

Option 1: 100% Payment
For properties under construction, progressive payments is as follows:

Reservation Deposits SGD 5,000
1st Payment upon signing contract 20% of selling price
2nd Payment when construction is 25% complete* 20% of selling price
3rd Payment when construction is 50% complete** 20% of selling price
4th Payment when construction is 75% complete*** 20% of selling price
5th Payment upon completion of construction 20% of selling price
Total 100%
  • Notes:
  • 1. Concrete structure substantially complete*
  • 2. Roof, brickwork and rendering substantially complete**
  • 3. Electrical conduits, pipe work and plastering substantially complete***

Option 2: Deferred Payment

Initial payment scheme of 50% of purchase price over the construction period as per schedule below.

Payment Schedule Amount
1st Payment upon signing contract 20% of selling price
(less Reservation Deposit)
2nd Payment when construction is 50% complete* 10% of selling price
3rd Payment when construction is 75% complete** 10% of selling price
4th Payment upon completion of construction 10% of selling price

  • Notes:
  • 1. Roof, brickwork and rendering substantially completed*
  • 2. Electrical conduits, pipe work and plastering substantially completed**

The balance of 50% payment of the purchase price to be over a 1 to 5 year period subject to interest as set out below.

Price Reservation Deposit Construction Completion Payment 50% (Minus Deposit) Remaining Post Finance 50% Monthly Installment
1 year (3%) 3 year (5%) 5 year (7%)
550,000 5,000 270,000 275,000 23,291 8,242 5,445
575,000 5,000 282,500 287,500 24,350 8,617 5,693
600,000 5,000 295,000 300,000 25,408 8,991 5,940
625,000 5,000 307,500 312,500 26,467 9,366 6,188
650,000 5,000 320,000 325,000 27,526 9,741 6,435
675,000 5,000 332,500 337,500 28,584 10,115 6,683
700,000 5,000 345,000 350,000 29,643 10,490 6,930
725,000 5,000 357,500 362,500 30,702 10,864 7,178
  • Notes:
  • 1. All amounts are stated in SGD.
  • 2. The above table sets out the estimated payments required under the respective payment plans for the property selling price.
  • 3. The estimated payments are indicative only and the developer/seller does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any inaccuracy or omissions.
  • 4. One year deferred plan is 12 equal monthly instalments (3% interest per annum applies).
  • 5. Three year deferred plan is 36 equal monthly instalments (5% interest per annum applies).
  • 6. Five year deferred plan is 60 equal monthly instalments (7% interest per annum applies).
  • 7. Payment terms are subject to change without notice.

Last updated: 21 January 2015

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